Katrina Bettington

Principal and trainer. 

I am passionate about people reaching their potential, understanding themselves andtheir mental health and strengths.

I have 20+ years of experience working with people in a variety of capacities as a coach, leader, supporter, mentor and educator.

I have studied Marketing and Communication, Coaching, Non-clinical Mental Health, Yoga and Mediation among other disciplines. I combine these skills and experience to provide a holistic approach to all my training and workshops.

I am a dynamic and fun educator, ensuring all participants are comfortable and engaged at all times.

I have worked in and with large corporations, small businesses ,cultural & linguistically diverse communities, recovery programs, corrective services, D&A, NGO's and the greater population.

I inspire, support and educate people to understand themselves and get the best from each situation. 

On a personal note: I love to travel, exercise, spend time with family & friends, do yoga, meditate and live life to the fullest in all capacities. 

I live my dreams


I inspire & educate others to

live their dreams.