Testimonials for Mental Heath First Aid

"One of the best courses I have ever done, thanks to the instructor."

"Well prepared, clear and engaging presentation."

"Interesting and engaging. Lots of energy."

"Katrina was professional, energetic and organised.  She introduced the theory using technology but then continued explanations with role plays, student presentations and lively discussions.  I really enjoyed every single minute!  Thank you, Thank you Katrina."

"Information was great.  Instructor was fantastic.  We covered a lot of information at  a good pace."

"It offered a much better understanding of Mental Health and the correct ways to approach people who may be dealing with Mental illness."

Testimonials for ResilienceWorkshops

"Great session I enjoyed it and found it really valuable."

"I got practical ideas and strategies plus I loved the mediation. Very helpful workshop."

"The best part of the course was getting into the right head space and discussing specific ways to make changes in your own live to build resilience."

"Great presentation, interactive and provided practical ways to build resilience in everyday life."  

" Practical applications, keeping it simple and encouraging participation of all."

All testimonials are taken from anonymous feed back forms. Some of the companies & organisations included in the testimonials are Guide Dogs Australia, Red Cross, Law firms, & Rotary.