Training and Workshops We Offer 

We equip people with skills and knowledge that help them reach their potential both professionally and personally.  Teaching individuals and teams to successfully manage stress, improve relationships and obtain better results, whilst being able to help those around them.

We customise training and workshops to meet your needs. 

Resilience Training

Stress Management

Mental Health First Aid

Meditation and Mindfulness

Wellbeing for Work and Beyond

Boundaries Training

Listed below is a breakdown of course content and topics covered

All course can be altered to meet your needs with course length and content 

Resilience Training 

Core topics covered:

Understanding the mechanics of resilience 


How to building your own resilience

Implementing changes & techniques to build resilience 

Stress Management 

Core topics covered:

Understanding stress

How to manage stress

Recognising your stress triggers 

Managing your own stress

Mental Health First Aid 

Topics covered:

The prevalence of mental illness

Developing mental health problems


Anxiety problems


Substance uses problems

Mental health crises

Suicidal thoughts and behaviours

Non-suicidal self-injury

Panic attacks

Traumatic events

Severe psychotic states

Severe effects from alcohol or other drug use

Aggressive behaviours

Boundaries Training

Core topics covered:

Knowing the boundaries 

Understanding the importance of boundaries 

How to maintain them in challenging situations

Wellbeing for Work and Beyond 

Core topics covered:

Fundamentals of wellbeing 

Physical, Mental & Emotional

Making practical changes to improve your wellbeing 


Goal setting 

Meditation and Mindfulness

Core topics covered:

Understanding what meditation is 

Meditation theory

Meditation practice

Be curious!

Learning new skills and increasing knowledge can help make small changes that can have a profound impact on your life.